My soup (alphabet) comfortably heated and eaten at dusk,
I’ve wrapped myself in for another long winter evening,
That falls and enlaces early, and then time falls away.

Reclining in a circle of lamplight, I let my mind wander
To fill the room with my thoughts. Perhaps they land awhile,
On a Roman schoolhouse, a British social comedy, a phone call.
Perhaps they hover over a person and approach a memory.

There’s space for much more than a grand piano here,
Room for it too to be enfolded in my mind,
My dreams of images draped over it in layers
That remind me unhurriedly of tomorrow’s laundry.
I know that time will take just as long as it ought
Before I move to my next horizontal pose in the next room,
Before the days get longer and then shorter,
Before I lie again in a long winter evening.